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0 bombs...

2008-09-11 01:32:48 by neoblent2

I absolutely despise people who will zero bomb your work, but not leave a review or PM as to why. What needs to be changed, added, fine tuned, etc. They just give the big "fuck you" and bomb your efforts. Yes the music i play might not be what you listen to. So be it, don't listen then. Just cause it isn't something you're accustomed to doesn't mean it isn't good. It doesn't mean it deserves a zero. I don't believe anything created out of time, sweat, thought, money or efforts should be rewarded with a zero. So fuck all you haters and zero bombers out there who don't give credit where credit is due.

...Thank you.

0 bombs...


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2008-11-14 22:34:04

Fuck 0-Bombers. You guys are the greatest band on Newgrounds, no question. And you're definitely better than any of the metal bands in my home town!

neoblent2 responds:

Thanks a lot man. Where is your hometown?


2009-01-04 18:56:03

Western Kentucky. I stress the Western part. Eastern Kentucky is where all the coal mines and hicks are.

I have a question about your music: what tuning do your guitarists use most often? Since you play with a piano so often, I'm willing to bet you guys tend to tune to and play in the key of C.