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For those who want to read the lyrics to my songs...

2008-09-11 01:48:07 by neoblent2

All the lyrics for the five songs I have posted are up and able to be viewed at my bands myspace page. They are very in depth and intellectually written. Check them out and enjoy the adventure that is Adavant.

For those who want to read the lyrics to my songs...


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2008-09-12 04:56:43

right i had a look but i can't find the lyrics.. i checked your blog aswell but it says there are no entries, try find a multimedia student to make you guys a good website to run alongside the myspace, they'l do it for free, i know i did lol and that will give you guys a good boost. i like the music, just the screaming that im not to fond of =). goodluck with all your concerts and that =)

neoblent2 responds:

I will def have to check into that. Thank you. In the song player on the myspace there is four links next to each song and one of them is "lyrics" It'll pop up with lyrics to the song chosen.


2008-10-21 19:13:29

you guys kick ass.

neoblent2 responds:

Haha. Thanks man.


2008-10-24 19:21:16

You guys do kick ass with your epic songs

neoblent2 responds:

Well thank you.


2008-11-12 06:00:37

You guys really rocks, but you should change your logo : bevel and emboss, ewwww, horrible =D

neoblent2 responds:



2008-11-14 22:35:13

Yeah, you guys should make your own site. I'm not a big fan of Myspace.

Keep kicking ass.

neoblent2 responds:

soon enough we will.


2008-11-28 20:17:09


neoblent2 responds:

Thank you.


2008-12-10 00:30:47

Yo make more :P

neoblent2 responds:

Haha. Will do.


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